Nicole Sutlick
Pre-K Early Intervention


I graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a bachelor's degree in Political Science 2006. In 2009 I received my master's degree in Public Administration. After moving to Mississippi in the fall of 2015, I completed alternate route certification for special education.

About the Teacher

I am originally from Myrtle Beach,SC and love going to the beach!. My husband and I have 5 children. Two are in college and 3 are school aged ..When I first started working for Desoto County I was a Preschool SPED assistant at HES.Upon completing my alternate route certification I was hired as the Community Based Classroom teacher at GES in 2018. I love working in Special Education and truly enjoy being a Special Education teacher. I strive to find new and fun ways for my students to learn everyday.

Welcome Message

Its going to be a great year! I hope my friends are ready to have fun! We will be rolling up our sleeves to create, build and experiment this year! Lets have fun and think outside the box!


 Activities for Home

Khan Academy, free templates for at home schedules

Khan Academy School At Home Schedule

Click the link below for Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips-Have Fun!

FRESH AIR Activity: Sensory Walk

Sensory walks are a great way to practice mindfulness and SOCIAL DISTANCING. This can be done anywhere.SAY: Today we are going on a sensory walk. A sensory walk is different than a regular walk because we will focus on one of our senses. ASK: What are our senses (see if they can tell you) 
SAY: Would you like to focus on what we see, hear, smell or touch on our walk.Now that everyone has chosen you are ready. While on your walk everyone can call out their sensory pick and see if everyone else on the walk can experience the same sensory. Now that you are ready....have fun!!!

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During this time, we have listed a variety pf activities for students to do during our time out of school. They can be found under Activities for Home  along with the newsletter.

April 20, 2020 : Don't forget to check out the new math prodigy website (check emails for logins and passwords) 

Mind-play  logins and passwords have been sent out if you need them again just let me know.