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My name is Meghan Smith.   I graduated from University of Memphis with a degree in Special Education, Modified and Comprehensive.  I have always wanted to be a teacher, especially since growing up, I participated in a program for special needs children called H.A.L.T.E.R. (Handicapped Athletes Learning To Enjoy Riding).  These kids inspired me to do something bigger with my life and to help other children achieve greatness. 


Don't forget to always read with your child every night!  It makes such a difference in their learning and reading.  Read below for fun ways to practice your child's sight words each week!  Have fun learning!!


You can do lot's of different things to practice sight words.  You can post the words on index cards and post them around the house so you can read them whenever you go into different rooms.  You can play memory with your sight words.  You can play "Go Fish" with your sight words.  You can use bean bags and put the words around the room on the floor and as you throw the bean bag on the cards or try to hit the cards, then you read the word your bean bag or ball or whatever you want to use. lands on.  

Another way to practice your sight words, especially if it's a pretty day and you would rather be outside, is to use your index cards with your sight words on them and create a path or an obstacle course and read your words as you follow the path.  You could also create a maze and see if you can read your way out of the maze:).  

You could also reuse a Candy Land game and write the sight words on the Candy Land color cards and when you draw the card, you have to read the sight words to  move your person.  

You can also use an old or new Twister mat and write sight words on the mat and when the color is called, you read the sight word before you put your hand or foot there. 

You can also use this website to practice sight words using online games.  It is free to join:  .  



***You could also use these strategies in reading and decoding words.  Write any kind of words, such as CVC words, CVCe words, words with digraphs, combination, diphthongs, or long vowel words,  on index cards or any type of  cards that we have talked about and you can play these games with those words as well.  





At Home Resources


Hey guys!!  I hope you guys are enjoying your break and know that I miss you guys and look forward to seeing you all again soon!  I wanted to provide you with some resources that you can use while we are out!  



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