April Woods

1st Grade Teacher

April Woods
662.342.2330 ext. 317

Spelling                  Sight Words

heat            lake                              top                 short

summer       pool                               ship               better

sandy          campfire                       across            best

beach          hike                              today              however

swimming     camping                        during             low


GES will be closed through the remainder of the school year. I have truly enjoyed teaching your child this year! I will miss each and every student! Enjoy the rest of the spring and have a great summer! During your time at home, I hope that you will continue reading, learning, and preparing for 2nd grade! I encourage you to take advantage of the online activities and websites I have shared with you! Please feel free to contact me through REMIND 101 or SchoolStatus if you have any questions about distance learning or needing access to resources. Plz also check out GES FB page. Mrs. Fink is posting daily morning messages and announcements. 


Skills for May 18-22

Language/Reading/Writing Skills  :           

  • Punctation/capitalization

RI.1.1 – Ask and answer questions about key details in the book.

RI.1.3 – Describe the connection between two pieces of information in a text.

RI.1.4 – Ask and answer questions to help determine or clarify the meaning of words in a text.

  • Narratives (using temporal words: first, next, then, last)

Math Skills

  • Place value (hundreds, tens, ones)
  • Subtraction/Addition Fluency (ten more/less)
  • Telling timeord

Science and Social Studies





Parents if you have any questions or concerns during this time please feel free to contact me through REMIND 101 App or through School Status. I can offer ways you can help your child progress and move forward academically. While our students are out please remember to take advantage of our online reading resource RazzKidz.com. This is an awesome site that you bought access to.  My username is awoods32. I sent home each child's username and password in their zipper pouch. If you have any questions,or you are having trouble accessing your child's account, please contact me through REMIND 101 or School Status.